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We have over 90 years of experience producing castings of various complexities and designs. To find out more, visit our Profile Section.
Knapp Foundry is a jobbing, gray and ductile iron foundry. We specialize in loose pattern, floor and pit work. Find out more about our services by visiting the Foundry Services Section.

Welcome to Knapp Foundry

Knapp Foundry Company is a jobbing, gray and ductile iron foundry, specializing in loose pattern, floor and pit work. Castings produced are from 50 to 20,000 pounds in weight. Knapp Foundry Company uses its experience and technology in supplying engineered castings to manufacturers of a wide spectrum of products, but most notably for the following: machine tools, both metal cutting and metal forming, polymer mixing and forming machinery, automotive component process machinery, stamping dies, fluid handling equipment, food processing equipment and excelling in the manufacturing of gray and ductile iron gears.

With more than 90 years of service to American industry, The Knapp Foundry Company assures dependability and cooperation in fulfilling your casting needs

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